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ExperiencePPG is a USPPA certified school. Experience Powered Paragliding takes pride in its training course. We offer both beginner and advanced foot launch & trike launch courses. We follow the USPPA training syllabus and provide each student with the knowledge, practice, and skillset to safely and confidently take to the skies.

How long does it take?

Many pilots will be able to confidently solo with radio assistance after just 2-3 sessions of theory, kiting, tandem, and simulator training. Our definition of quality does not mean that you are free go on your own with just 1 or 2 flights and your PPG1 rating; there is much more to learn to be a safe and skilled pilot. Full training working towards a foot launch or trike launch PPG2 rating will take on average 7-10 sessions with each pilot receiving on average 20-25 training flights at the conclusion of training.

Why do I need a week of training to work towards a PPG2 rating?

ExperiencePPG provides full training for new pilots, on average 20-25 training flights. There is a confidence level and skillset that many pilots do not reach until after 10 flights. Your first several flights are the most important for learning proper takeoff and landing techniques. Bad habits are quickly developed when not under an instructors eye, this can cause the greatest harm to you, your equipment or bystanders. A PPG2 rating shows that the pilot is knowledgable with rules and regulations, safety procedures and has demonstrated proper glider control and proper take-off and landing procedures in multiple weather and wind conditions. A PPG2 rating also shows that a pilot knows proper emergency procedures and precision landing skills, as well as a more than adequate skill set to fly solo with confidence.

Should I buy my equipment first?

Like many other schools and instructors across the country, we recommend that you discuss equipment ideas with your instructor first, before making a purchase. There is no "best" and there is not a "one size fits all." The most powerful motor is not always best given your build and the flying you would like to do. PPG is a sport that requires significant attention to detail when it comes to choosing equipment. Equipment is recommended to you based on size, weight, flying conditions for your area and the type of flying you are looking to do.

Looking to fly Trike?

Experience PPG prides itself on it ability to showcase Trike flying as well as Foot launch. Rod is active in both Trike Flying and Foot Launch. Trikes have came along way; they are streamlined, sleek and a whole lot of fun!

Trike to Foot or Foot to Trike

Both disciplines have certain skills that are unique to their style, what's preferred by one person, may not be by another - they both allow you to FLY which is AWESOME! Many pilots contemplate starting on trike and transitioning to foot launch after they have proficiency with launching, landing and flying. It's a great idea! It gives you the best of both worlds and saves your legs and your energy on those hot, high humidity, no wind mornings when you have the ability to just pull out a trike and roll. Others may have flown Foot launch for years and are ready to try something new, we welcome that too! It really is great to be able to master both styles!

Cost for Beginner Foot Launch or Trike Training is discounted to $2,500 when the full equipment package is purchased through Experience Powered Paragliding. 

Training through Experience PPG will include 8-10 training sessions within a 30 day window. During training, we will work towards a PPG2 rating. For safety reasons, ExperiencePPG conducts training sessions during safe, flyable weather, and reserves the right to reschedule sessions based on inclement weather.

Advanced Training & Skill Improvement

Experience PPG offers training for those looking to sharpen their launching, landing or flying skills. These training sessions are conducted with Rod on a case by case basis. Contact Rod to see how he can assist you with reaching your next level of flying proficiency!

For more infomation contact us at via phone 904-570-8416 or via email at ExperiencePPG@gmail.com Rod prefers to speak with each potential student via phone or in person to make sure that all questions are fully answered.